Currently available for Beta testing, AgeAlert® sensors help you predict when to replace Motors, Generators, or Transformers - BEFORE FAILURE. For details about our Beta test program, Contact Us.

AgeAlert sensors (developed by Polymer Aging Concepts, Inc.) track the age or degradation of the component based on actual environmental conditions.

The AgeAlert sensors provide real-time, in-situ condition monitoring - helping you reduce unplanned shutdowns or outages.

AgeAlert sensors for wire, cable, industrial rubber and solid propellants are in the development phase and these sensors will be available in the future.

AgeAlert has been developed by Polymer Aging Concepts, Inc. (PAC) with the assistance of Georgia Institute of Technology, government sponsors and major industrial equipment suppliers. An industrial instrument supplier has provided invaluable guidance and support in the successful testing of AgeAlert as the first in-situ sensor to track the degradation of critical nuclear reactor coolant pump insulation. A major oil company is funding an R&D effort to make AgeAlert a condition monitoring system for vital oil transfer equipment.

Because the AgeAlert sensor is a very simple degradation monitor that works passively (without batteries until interrogation), it can be an excellent tool in your condition monitoring toolbox.