• How large is the AgeAlert sensor for motors and generators?

AgeAlert motor/generator/transformer insulation sensors are approximately 1/4″ X 3/16″ X 7/8″ long so they can be attached to most motor windings end turns from fractional hp to over 6000 hp.

    • How many AgeAlert sensors should be installed in an electric motor or generator to monitor the insulation’s condition?

We recommend one sensor per electrical phase. One is sufficient for small, single phase motors. Most three-phase industrial motors would have three.

    • How and when is the AgeAlert sensor installed in my equipment?

AgeAlert sensors are normally installed by the motor manufacturer or re-winder during assembly. Motors that have been stored but unused may be equipped with AgeAlert sensor; talk to your motor maintenance provider.

    • How do I convert a sensor reading so I know when to replace or rewind a motor?

AgeAlert sensors are provided with labels that are attached to the motor frame to convert the sensor resistance to remaining (design) insulation life. For installed condition monitoring systems, a conversion algorithm is provided. This information, along with other motor condition information (shutdown schedules, motor vibration, etc.) determines when the motor should be replaced.

    • The sensor was shipped with four conversion charts. Which one do I use?

You choose the chart for the NEMA insulation class (A, B, F or H) of the motor. This can be found on the nameplate data or in the documentation shipped with
your motor.

    • If I install an AgeAlert sensor into a motor or generator that is no longer new, can the sensor still give me accurate predictive maintenance data so I know the “age” (and remaining service life) of that motor or generator?

AgeAlert sensors will only track insulation aging from the time they are installed. They should be used only on new or newly rewound motors or motors not yet placed in service.

    • Where can I read more research-based information on the AgeAlert technology?

See our website for more information on AgeAlert sensors and Join Our Users’ Group.

    • Can I use the AgeAlert sensors in very hot (or cold) industrial environments?

Yes. Extreme operating temperatures (greater than 150°C) or normal operation in extremely cold environments (-20°C) may require temperature correction of the readings. Contact us if you are using AgeAlert sensors in applications greater than 150°C or less than -20°C.

    • I have an application not mentioned on your web site. Can I use AgeAlert sensors to track the “age” (and remaining useful life) of other products?

Very likely, yes. Contact us for your product life tracking application.

    • Does AgeAlert limit either the voltage or the horsepower of motors I use with your sensor?

AgeAlert sensors have been tested to 6,000 volt motor applications. Certain applications involving high electrical noise may require special installation considerations. Contact us if you have questions.

    • Can I install AgeAlert sensors myself?

AgeAlert sensors should be installed by electrical equipment professionals. The sensors are normally installed by your motor OEM or motor rewinder. Industrial motor shops can also install AgeAlert sensors with the instructions supplied.