Oil Transformer Sensors

Do you worry that a burned out oil transformer could cause an unexpected power outage?

Do you need a simple degradation sensor to help you monitor the current condition of the insulation in oil transformers?

AgeAlert provides objective data to help you make informed decisions about when it’s time to replace (or repair) transformers – before circuits are interrupted unexpectedly due to insulation failure. The result can be more efficient “planned outages”, saving money because you replace/repair when necessary (not before – or after).

AgeAlert tracks the degradation of the transformer insulation materials “automatically” (works passively, in real time and without electrical power until interrogated). In other words, the AgeAlert sensor tracks the insulation’s state all the time – without batteries or any external power source until it’s interrogated.

The sensor works in-situ (in place) so it “sees” the same time/temperature conditions as the transformer insulation experiences. Using nano-technology, the AgeAlert sensor automatically integrates the operating environment of the transformer to indicate the percentage of remaining life of the insulation system.

Because the AgeAlert sensor is a very simple insulation degradation sensor that works passively (without batteries until interrogation), it can be an excellent tool in your condition monitoring toolbox.

If you are interested in more information about AgeAlert, check out How AgeAlert Works or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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