Propellant Sensors

Do you worry about health monitoring of solid propellants and the issues associated with solid rocket motor (SRM) reliability and lifecycle costs?

Do you wish you had accurate data to help you predict unexpected failures and instabilities? Do you need to know when to retire or extend the life of SRMs?

AgeAlert sensors for solid propellants are currently in development. These sensors will provide objective data to help you make informed decisions about when it’s time to replace solid rocket motors (SRMs) – before the motor fails unexpectedly. You improve reliability and save money because you replace only when necessary (not before – or after).

Research conducted by Polymer Aging Concepts working in concert with Georgia Tech demonstrates the feasibility of using AgeAlert as a real-time, non-destructive sensor which accurately tracks chemical and physical degradation of solid rocket motor (SRM) propellants.

The AgeAlert sensor mounts external to the propellant and tracks degradation automatically (works passively, in real time and without electrical power until interrogated). The sensor degrades in the same way under the same environment as the propellant binder, thus yielding objective data on the remaining life of the propellant.

The AgeAlert sensor does not require embedment in the propellant. AgeAlert technology is also applicable to gun propellants used in ammunition and munitions.

AgeAlert sensors can be integrated into stand-alone smart labels or connected to existing wired or wireless health monitoring systems.

If you are interested in more information about AgeAlert, check out How AgeAlert Works or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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